So went the story of the 99th Floor

2007 spelled the comeback of The 99th Floor, name and band, after twelve years existence as Swim. The 99th Floor was formed by songwriter/guitarist Morten Solli, bass player Kjetil Moberg and drummer Jacob Bordahl in 1987.
Named after and inspired by the signature tune by late 60's psychedelic garage pioneers the Moving Sidewalks, the 99th Floor became a unique live attraction on the Norwegian indie rock scene of the late eighties and early nineties.
The debut album, Little Painkillers, was a splendid mix atypical of its time, a strong set of tunes wielding soul, British Invasion and psychedelic 1960's influences in frenetic performances capturing the spirit of early, no-frills punk. IN its first incarnation the 99th Floor was a true power trio, with a sharp sound perfected through top-of-the-voice singing, all-over-the-place guitar playing, rolling drums and inventive bass playing.
Luminous contemporary three-piece Hüsker Dü were a major influence, as were speedy bands like the Buzzcocks and Violent Femmes and classic 60's acts such as The Kinks and The Byrds. An EP released in the spring of 1990 became the second and final release, before this year's happy comeback. By 1995, the 99th Floor were back rechristened as Swim, whose album Swimsical (1996) contained radio hit Miss Being Miserable With You. Swims belated follow-up came with Big Boys EP in 2004.
The 99th Floor's overdue comeback album, Eclectic Guitar, was released on Norwegian indie label Cafe Superstar on 28 May 2007.